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Furniture Cleaning and Polishing

Wood polishing

You can get your furniture wonderfully polished without commercial products. Here are our recipes for dusting and polishing your wooden furniture. An essential oil is often used in commercial furniture polishes, the most common one is lemon oil, you can easily make, or buy this from a health food shops. Professional Cleaners and polishers use a cheese cloth folded over many many times, this is good as it is very soft and will not damage your furniture while you are polishing it.

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Wooden Furniture Dusting and Cleaning

Mix up the ingredient and them dip a rag in, you only need to use a small quantity, you can conserve the rag and use it again and again to clean you furniture.
½ table spoon olive oil
¼ cup vinegar or lemon juice
Soft cotton rag

Clean you Furniture before Polishing

Mix up the ingredients in a bowl and use to scrub wooden furniture clean before polishing.
½ teaspoon vegetable-oil-based liquid soap
¼ cup vinegar
Warm water

Now you can polish

You can mix the ingredients up in a jar and then use them again later. Apply to clean wood furniture with a soft cloth.
⅛ cup food-grade linseed oil
⅛ cup vinegar
¼ cup lemon juice

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