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So why Green Clean?

Would you like to have your house beautifully cleaned by a green cleaning services which doesn't use harsh chemicals but only natural eco-friendly products?

At Lady Green Clean we really care about the service we provide and we maintain very high standards so as you can enjoy your home or work space in relaxed comfort.

Cleaning products

Other professional cleaning services may do the job but what about the cleaning products they use. Many people don't think about it, but it is becoming more and more important to consider which products are being used in your home and around your family.
Research shows that many modern cleaning products contain chemicals and toxins which can harm your health, most of them are known or suspected to be potentially harmful especially to children and people with allergies.

Cleaning Bottle

The main causes for concern are Endocrine which has an effect on human hormones, Neurotoxins which may affect brain activity causing range of problems, Carcinogens which can cause cancer. Here you can find a more detailed analysis of the dangers of commercial cleaning products.

Many antibacterial disinfectants are pesticides designed to kill bugs and microorganism, they are fat-soluble and very hard to remove from our bodies. Phthalates are used in perfumes and air fresheners they are a known cause of hormonal disorders and reproductive problems.
This is where Green Cleaning comes in. Our products not only guarantee hygienic cleaning but they are also kind and gentle on the environment and on you. Our cleaning staff takes pride in using only natural eco-friendly non-toxic products in their own homes and also when they are at work.
The main priority of green living is to use mild cleaning methods and yet still be effective.

Green cleaning and Green living help you to lead a more healthy life and contribute to saving our environment.

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