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The North Devon Cleaning Team

Meet our Green Cleaning Team, these charming ladies are our North Devon Cleaning team. They are the people who care about the the cleanliness of your property and the health of your family.

SianSian Mitchell
Managing Director and Head Cleaner

Sian moved to Devon a few years ago with her family. She started cleaning her own house with green cleaning, principally out of concern for her own family's health. She found that living in the natural beauty of the North Devon countryside was the perfect place to promote natural green cleaning, working in harmony with nature. She has now built Lady Green Clean into a respectable business with many local offices and holiday houses entrusting their cleaning needs to her.

Janet DeerdenJanet Deerden

Janet has a long career as a cleaner, in various institutions, such as offices, schools, hospitals, she was only switched on to green cleaning when she moved to North Devon where she lives with her family. She is now a firm convert to the ways of Green Cleaning and to life in Devon.

Rose NorthRose North

Rose has been an advocate of Green Cleaning for almost her whole life, she became interested in the environment early in life and adopted Green Cleaning at home. Born and bred in Devon, she was an old hand to all-natural cleaning and has taught us a thing or two about new cleaning recipes.

Sophie NorthSophie North.

Sophie is also 100% from Devon, in her spare time she churns butter and makes pasties, but she was a later arrival to Green Cleaning than her sister. She has been cleaning for us for a few years now, and always uses Green Cleaning products in her own home.

Josephine AdamJosephine Adam

Josie hasn't always lived in Devon, but is now a happy resident, since living here she has also come to appreciate the advantages of Green Cleaning products and says that they are all she uses at home now and wouldn't want to use anything else. She loves the rural appeal of Devon and when she's not working for us, enjoys long walks in the beautiful North Devon countryside